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Founded in 2017 with the purpose of offering solutions to improve appearance the natural way, we endeavor to ensure each ingredient found in Evese products are sourced from nature. Geared towards well-being and improving appearance through skincare while doing no evil to you or the planet, Evese brings in line a 21st century approach to self maintenance.

With each ingredient closely chosen and paired with the latest scientific advancements for our products, you can rely on maximum effect with minimal risk. The formulas which compose each of our products ensure you or the planet isn’t harmed as a result of an irritant, a pollutant or a carcinogenic.

With a vision of a healthier life, you can look good and feel good the right way

Honest Practices

Evese London conducts thorough inspections and maintains a special relationship with its partners to ensure no product sold in our online store is not tested on animals. In addition we work towards achieving various societal seals of approval for our lines. Confident as we are that our products will be loved and will benefit anybody who uses them, we hope you’ll be the next person to experience the amazing benefits of our lines.

“Rather be honest than impressive” – Unknown



Cruelty Free – Evese products are not tested on animals

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Vegan – No animal products go into making our cosmetics

anti ageing; anti aging; anti-ageing; anti-aging; age reverse; anti wrinkle; wrinkle correct; smooth skin; fresh skin; dark circles; acne; hyperpigmentation

Caring for the planet

Our awareness to the negative impact from discarded materials such as plastic that harms the planet and our wildlife predicated on huge demand from industry and thirst for disposable goods motivates us to reduce our carbon print. Therefore Evese London have made conscious steps to slash polluting our planet in a bid to create a brighter future.

Understanding the importance of recycling and up-cycling, our products and materials have been meticulously selected & crafted to continue serving a purpose even after the contents are depleted. Therefore all Evese apparel of our collection have been re-imagined to cut pollution while maintaining the premium experience we set to provide. We strive to achieve all the packaging of our products to be reusable, non-perishable or biodegradable.

 “The goal of life is living in agreement with nature” – Zeno

Posting recyclable/biodegradable stuff

Orders are shipped inside a postage box made of 100% recycled cardboard. By doing this, we avoid including plastic with our dispatched items lined with bubble wrap or similar material. This is part of our effort to reduce plastic waste containing noxious substances.

Halving the size of our receipts

Many people have heard the statistic “a tonne of paper saves 17 trees”. By issuing our receipts on A5 paper, Evese have consciously reduced the amount of paper used when issuing proof of purchase.

Plastic waste reduction

Cellophane wrapping can be found cross board as part of packaging for many products from flowers to chocolate. Cosmetic products traditionally come wrapped in cellophane to ensure no tampering has occurred. Factory placed sticky seals are placed on each box ensuring you receive an unopened item.

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Knowing what goes into our products that will eventually be applied to your skin offers peace of mind our research on effective yet safe ingredients to maintain your beauty regime keeps your well-being a priority. Synthetic and chemically developed skin cosmetics, despite working initially, is not a very efficient solution for long-term use, and thus, the quest for Evese London began to find an alternative for plausible and effective results without negative long term consequences.

The products at Evese are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent illness or conditions. You should always consult a doctor if you are experiencing a medical problem. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.