Beauty Brand Sustainability

Lets Talk Brand Sustainability
8th April 2021 Evese London

Beauty Brand Sustainability

Beauty brand sustainability & Eco-friendly cosmetics – Our timid planet is on a knife-edge! A substantial amount of reduced emission during the first lockdown was recorded which was a silver lining while our society stood still. Despite that temporary achievement, our consumer needs will forever increase, and more so as things normalise.

Evese wasn’t exempt from the affect Covid had on businesses, many of which were forced to shut. While the brand looks forward to gaining momentum as a lockdown eases, its with pride our brand upholds its pledge to maintain sustainability by providing packaging made from recycled, recyclable and up-cyclable materials for the well-being of our environment 🖤

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Although many brands and super brands claim to care for the social, economic and environmental structure of our planet, toxic materials and plastics make up 90-100% of their packaging. This will eventually find itself in landfills, incinerated – releasing noxious gasses we breathe or find itself in our oceans. In addition to this, you can find these brands on the shelves of major department stores and supermarkets where consumerism is plentiful further fueling an increase of pollution and therefore going backward once this pandemic is over.

Have you used a product you loved and stopped because you feel they’re driven by profit? Do you subscribe to the appeal behind a label or brand because of endorsement by celebrity ambassadors? Alas, is the brand creator themself a celebrity idolised by the impressionable? Does this create a level playing field for emerging brands and healthy competition for innovators? What further steps can the beauty industry make to provide a brighter future for generations to come?

An eco-friendly COSMETICS industry

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