Luxury Skincare Beauty & Cosmetics – A brand old concept

Luxury skincare beauty & cosmetics isn’t a new thing. On the contrary, its an expression spanning millennia in a quest for the best beauty products. Beauty practice appeals to a huge audience, from Cleopatra bathing in milk to modern-day contouring and beyond – deemed necessary to display optimum beauty in a world focused on looks and aesthetics. Skincare is the foundation! Evese is about encouraging one to reveal and embrace their true self.

Evese London is an independent brand conceived in 2017, Officially launched in November 2019. You can say its fresh out the ground – literally. Our ingredients in every line are natural but we can get to that later.

Skincare First. Always! Unknown

The mission is simple – Select luxury skincare that deliver astonishing results

If you have skin, it needs caring. It’s a living organism which serves a function – protection, regulation and sensation


I am Andreas, founder of Evese London. Brought up around women, I was privy to the “verbal exchanges” (putting it mildly) which consisted of comments directed at other women, particularly on appearance… And oh, let’s not mention life choices & social persuasion (again, mildly put). You could say this was a factor in creating a luxury skincare brand comprised of the finest beauty essentials. With 6 aunties, lots of female cousins, a sister (and her friends) I bore witness to some outlandish discussions. Lucky me eh?

Beauty products aplenty were on hand with every dresser I came across. “Surely you don’t use all those bottles?”, “What’s the difference between that cream and that one?”, “There has to be an easier solution to this” were questions I asked myself. It didn’t help that almost every teleshopping product range boasts the latest innovation in skincare with the promise of youth.

“Rather be honest than impressive” – Unknown

These questions alongside environmental and ethical issues strongly felt by many lingered. This placed in motion the quest to provide natural skincare that works, friendly to the planet and is cruelty-free. All in keeping within the realms of luxury and reducing carbon footprint. So the research began.

andreas samiotis; skincare brand owner; entrepreneur;

With a skill set appropriate for a luxury skincare brand to materialise (or as far as my life savings would allow), the work ensued. With very little finance at my disposal, the mammoth task ahead would be challenging, all the while exciting and fun. Having worked several jobs that involved rich media – music producer, web developer, content manager and a couple of degrees in the relative field, costly outsourcing wasn’t an option. And thank heavens for that! Wearing every hat in a startup would consume all of my time if Evese were to ever launch. The starting point was actually the endpoint. I had a vision of what constitutes the perfect skincare with the consumer experience in mind and worked backwards.

The unique approach came by looking at history and building a brand from the ground up. All aspects of a ‘product’ were revised to determine factors which attribute to an optimal experience. References which lend itself to class (think Diana Spencer), lifestyle (think Marilyn Monroe) & showcase (think Audrey Hepburn) – icons admired by most and trendsetters whose influence remain timeless. A clean, minimal design fitting to any visual environment with gender ambidextrous or fluid appeal suitable for all and desired by all – This is Evese. A simple selection of core essentials for all skin types void of gimmicks to serve one purpose all the while satisfying many levels of 21st-century demands.


“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” – Milton Berle

Maximising CONFIDENCE in the skin you’re in!

Luxury skincare, beauty & cosmetics – A state of great comfort and elegance. Upholding the luxury pledge while keeping in line with functionality.

The skincare brand to tick all boxes – ELLE


The name ‘Evese’ came in a dream

This is true. It was June in 2017 during meditation on a super comfy Lazy boy recliner. In need of a brand name – it had to sound appealing, very few syllables and easy to remember. Evese was born.

Product names are what’s inside the jar

Having fun with wordplay. Si’Nekra Mud Mask translates to Dead Sea Mud Mask. ‘Si’ is sea pronounced [see] and ‘Nekra’ is Dead in Greek. ‘Aour’ means Gold in Breton and ‘Glo’ is glow minus the ‘w’. You get the picture.

Founder Andreas suffered from acne and spots as a teenager

Skincare or the idea of looking after your skin was the furthest thought during the ‘transition years’. I did find my skin would clear after a few days of swimming in the ocean. First-hand testament of natures power and a factor during the early stages of developing the Evese range.



Yes, the Evese skincare range is composed of ingredients provided by our planet. Developing the range took much consideration as to the need of every skin type, melanin count etc. Endeavouring to identify the most potent active ingredients coupled with the finest formulation, Evese geared to achieve perfect skincare and develop the best beauty products.

Spending a considerable amount of time researching natural ingredients, their uses, safety, not forgetting potency – it was determined just a few products are needed to deliver a premium range of luxury skincare. This also reminded me of what my school teacher would say: ‘KISS’ an acronym for ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’.

Luxury Skincare Made Simple


In fact, keeping with traditional and contemporary was the ticket. Our research found there’s a tsunami of skincare out there which was very confusing. It’s important to tick all the boxes, ultimately conveying transparency and offering simple solutions – the company ethos. So essential steps were taken to bring this brand in line with 21st-century demands in high-end beauty. Here are more steps taken towards a brighter future.

“The goal of life is living in agreement with nature” – Zeno

Eco-Friendly Mailer Box

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Evese London Mailer Box

Our eco-friendly mailer boxes are without compromise on style, design and functionality. All boxes sent out are made form recycled cardboard. This is then placed in a sealed compostable bag ready to be couriered to you.

Cellophane? Thing of the past

luxury skincare beauty & cosmetics; uxury skincare; skin care; skincare; natural beauty; natural ingredients; vegan; eco friendly; mud mask; dead sea; selfie; pretty; gorgeous; smiling; happy; evese london; evese; luxury lifestyle; exclusive skincare

This horrible stuff should be extinct

Its nice to buy a cellophane wrapped beauty product off the shelves, right? Or even those flowers you’ve been doting on. Evese is stocked in just one location therefore only one person handles product packing with care. This avoids the need to wrap in plastic which, as we all know, is bad for the environment.

Half size receipts

luxury skincare beauty & cosmetics; uxury skincare; skin care; skincare; natural beauty; natural ingredients; vegan; eco friendly; mud mask; dead sea; selfie; pretty; gorgeous; smiling; happy; evese london; evese; luxury lifestyle; exclusive skincare

Reducing paper waste

Keeping it eco-friendly, there was a conscious decision to provide hard copy receipts for trading standards. Its possible the future may be paperless. For now, Evese made steps to reduce paper consumption by up to 50%. This includes lowering the GSM of the cardboard each product is packed in.


Knowing what goes into our beauty products that will eventually be applied to your skin offers peace of mind. Research on effective yet safe ingredients to maintain your best beauty regime keeps your well-being a priority. Synthetic and chemically developed skin cosmetics, despite working initially, are not a very efficient solution for long-term use. So the quest began for Evese to find an alternative for effective results. Negative long term consequences were not an option as a result of irritable ingredients. Stringent tests and extensive reading on natural ingredients played a huge part of developing the skincare.


Now launched, Evese London has reached its first milestone and its been one heck of a journey. Having worked closely with bloggers and influencers on social media, our range is rated 5 stars. See our story illustrated in the timeline below.

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