Reduce Dark Circles Under Eyes

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Reduce dark circles under eyes
30th October 2019 Evese London

Any facialist would tell you dark under eye circles is a skin concern that comes top of the list. This article lends a helping hand to reduce dark under eye circles. Eyes are one of the first things we notice and their appearance can be affected by sleepless nights or stress. However, fatigued eyes could be a result of more than heavy nights or long working days. Poor nutrition and exhaustion could be an indicator alongside factors such as sun exposure and smoking. One very prominent reason for dark circles is hyperpigmentation attributed to genetics noticeable in African, Asian and Olive skin types. This is due in part to common genetic trait of thin lower eyelid skin where darker appearance is a result of veins showing through.

Rejuvenated eyes are a result of many factors such as diet, lifestyle and skincare

Fatigue isn’t actually the main cause. Poor circulation to the lower eyelid is a contributing factor. Dilated veins due in part to seasonal allergies and nasal congestion enhance dark circles. Throw into the mix loss of volume, fat and collagen magnifies appearance of dark circles. So how do you reduce dark circles under eyes?

Get more sleep

Too Many late nights? Partying hard? Well, this could contribute to the exaggerated appearance of dark circles. Less sleep doesn’t necessarily cause them. Getting between 7 and 9 hours sleep will avoid the pale and sleepless circles in the morning. It’s a good idea to track your sleep with a smart wrist watch. This will give you a breakdown of your sleep quality and indicate aspects to improve. Sleeping with your head elevated will minimise the chance of added puffiness. A proven disruption to sleep cycle is blue light emanating from your phone or tablet. Make a conscious decision to enable the night mode setting.

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Are you a smoker? Take necessary steps to quit. Worsened circles are attributed to smoking cigarettes and inhaling second hand smoke. Adjust your diet to reduce cholesterol or triglycerides. Being overweight could also be a factor. Try to improve general health by exercise and staying hydrated. Make conscious food choices – veer toward fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats (yes, there is such a thing).

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While there is an overwhelming array of skincare ranges helping to tackle dark circles. The aim is to help build collagen between vein and skin decreasing transparency all the while plumping and brightening. This will reduce the appearance of fatigue and improve the area around the eyes. Look for kava kava, a protein complex that helps to reduce signs of ageing and improves skin elasticity. Nicotinamide (vitamin B) is an effective skin restoring ingredient to reduce dullness and weakened skin surface. Committing to a skincare regime will show visible improvements in as little as two weeks. Protecting from harmful light rays can act as a sunscreen to avoid hyperpigmentation slowing the ageing effect.


Evese natural skincare essentials come recommended to help ease dark circles

A few miscellaneous tips to consider

Cut back on salt – sodium, aka salt, causes your body to retain water, but it can actually cause puffiness in your eyes as well. Cutting back on sodium will help combat puffy eyes, so you appear less tired.

Something cold – reduce swelling under eyes and expel blood by applying something cold. Lower temperatures constrict blood vessels that are close to the surface. An age old technique is to lace cold cucumber slices. This will reduce puffiness as well as provide a degree of moisture to the area.